Most Reliable and Professional Talents in TGA
Most Reliable
and Professional Talents in TGA

Why Outsourcing?

We understand that global companies may not be familiar with local labor laws and not easy to communicate with government. Therefore, our outsourcing service are suitable for companies that are going to recruit from global or did not set up a branch company. TGA will be responsible for employees so that they can help you to execute business like product sales, system maintenance or short-term projects, and let global companies to start the overseas business smoothly and successfully.

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Advantages For Operation

The outsourcing services are flexible solutions for general, including employee recruitment and selection, contract management, scheduling management, employee benefits and payroll management etc. TGA have 5 advantages for operation with minimal resources to solve problems. Therefore, it can be increase the cost benefit and make the most values.

Gain Experience
From Outsourcing Employees

Import Specialists & Technologies

Reduce Management & Labour Cost

Increase The Flexibility Of Staffing

Avoid Massive Layoffs Risk

Advantages For Management

We provide you with customized HR solutions to let you focus on core business more continuously with tight manpower. We provide reasonable price, reduce the operating cost and introduce better management skills to maximize benefits.

Develop HR Core Competencies

Share the Responsibilities of Employee Management

Save Cost of Purchasing Information System

Solve Shortage and Overabundance of Manpower

Fill in the Internal Lack of Experience


TGA attracts candidates with using appropriate recruitments channels and related methods. After choosing the suitable candidates, we will arrange their enrollment and working schedule, and regularly inspect their performances to ensure the best qualities.

Recruitment Channels

Talent Selection

Talent Confirmation

Scheduling System

Regular Inspection

Scheduling System

TGA manages candidates’ schedules with using self-designed scheduling system which can digitalize the dates such as applying shift, scheduling shift, leave request and salary calculation. It not only makes more efficiency for management, but also avoids mistakes, missed shifts, the same person to be arranged to different places etc.

  • Scheduling & Applying Shifts
  • Blacklist Management
  • Employees Management
  • Duty Reminder
  • Warning Letter
  • Regular Inspection
  • Customer Service

TGA FastJob

TGA can open opportunities and allow people to apply shifts through TGA FastJob. It is a smart part-time system that not only helps enterprises to find appropriate talents, but also attract candidates to apply jobs and notify them the latest schedules. It can be also used for leave request and salary confirmation, therefore, it absorbs over 20,000 users that really love to use.

Great results
come from
great partnerships


Great results
come from great partnerships

Enquire today, we’d love to hear from you

Enquire today,
we’d love to hear from you

Our consultants, as experienced HR experts, can provide effective solutions with frontier technologies to improve your HR problems. Let’s customize appropriated solutions for you!