HR Outsourcing & Casual Labor Services

Why you need HR outsourcing services

HR management involves various areas such as payroll, benefits and compliance, all of which could be too complicated and costly to maintain in-house. Thanks to our expertise and experience, our services can help you save time, reduce costs and gain better management control to drive profitability.

Key Strategic Advantages


We handle tedious administrative tasks for you, enabling your company to greatly reduce operational costs and thus allocate more resources to key business activities that drive profitability.

Comprehensive Services

With vast expertise and over a decade’s experience, we offer tailored and solution-focused HR support for all your HR needs, whether you are new to the local market or not.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We make sure that all your HR procedures comply with the ever-changing labor laws and regulations. This not only ensures your employees’ benefits, but can also prevent costly financial consequences.

Key Strategic Advantages

One-Stop Solution

From recruiting to staff and payroll management, we have them all covered for you at an affordable price.

Reliable Workforce

With the largest talent pool in Macau, we recruit the best-fit casual workers for your company’s operations.

Robust Roster Management System

Our roster management system integrates roster planning and staff management into a compact digital system. We also conduct regular performance evaluations to ensure optimal efficiency from your staff.

Why you need our casual labor services

Due to the fast pace and flexible nature of casual labor recruitment and management, it is not uncommon that companies struggle to source and manage casual staff in a cost-effective way. We have the required expertise to fill the knowledge gap, as well as a robust system to manage casual workers for you.



TGA FastJob is a handy mobile app complementing our casual labour services. It not only helps companies recruit their staff, but also serves as an all-in-one management tool for casual workers, allowing them to keep track of their duty rosters and wages, as well as applying for shifts and leave. Currently there are more than 20,000 users on the platform.

Let’s elevate your brand to the next level together

At TGA we always strive for excellence in our services. Combining our recruitment expertise with advanced technology, we optimize HR management with innovative and solution-focused strategies for a wide range of industry sectors based on our clients’ specific needs.

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